Pontus' Serperior is the starter Pokémon of Pontus.

Pontus' Serperior
Pokémon Information
Type(s): Grass
Gender: Male
Trainer: Pontus
Evolves from: Servine


Serperior was first caught as a Snivy when Pontus found it stealing food from a market. Pontus confronted it and told it stealing was wrong. Encouraged by his words, Sinvy decided to join Pontus. It evolved into Servine and later into Serperior at some point. Its first battle as a Servine was versus a Charmeleon. Despite the type disadvantage, Servine proved to be far more faster than Charmeleon and its opponent was defeated by a barrage of Leaf Blade. Its first battle as a Serperior was against a trainer's Emboar, and despite the type disadvantage, put up a good fight but was eventually defeated by a powerful Flare Blitz. It was next seen battling against a Trainer's Spearow in a tournament which it easily defeated with a combination of Leaf Blade and Wrap. In the next match, it battled another Trainer's Noctowl where it started off good but was seen struggling when hit by two Wing Attacks. It later won the match by learning Aerial Ace. In the semi finals of the tournament, it faced of against the trainer with Emboar and was sent out to batte his male Frillish and easily won by paralyzing it with Leer then finish it off with SolarBeam. It later faced the same Emboar it had lost to before but tied this time when Aerial Ace and Hammer Arm collided.


Serperior can be a little mischevous at times but is also very loyal to its tranier, to the point of still wanting to fight against an Emboar altrough seriously wounded by its Fire Type moves. Serperior can be seen as a fun loving Pokémon willing to take on any opponent. It has a habit of wrapping around pepole as a sign of affection.

Moves Used

Move Name Type Power
Leaf Blade Grass 90
Cut Normal 50
Leaf Tornado Grass 65
Wrap Normal 15
Aerial Ace Flying


Leer Normal -
SolarBeam Grass 120
Energy Ball Grass 80


  • It can be assumed that Serperior once belonged to another trainer but was abandoned.